XLANZ Referrer Network

Our people are the heart of the XLANZ culture and we understand that attracting the most talented people is the key to our success. We're constantly on the look-out for results-driven people who strive to thrive in a progressive business.

XLANZ implements a Referrer Network Program so that you as a individual or as a company can refer candidates for our open jobs and earn handsome rewards.

Who is Referrer?

You are the Referrer! For those who can find friends' professional capability as well as recommend them to employers are considered an influential and successful Referrer. A great Referrer would always concern about his friendsí career development and planning, know very well about the new job opportunities, actively deliver the job opportunity messages to the right candidates and assist the candidates in getting the perfect opportunities.

What are the advantages of joining the Network and becoming a Referrer?

We have great jobs coming up and our jobs are real.

We have many jobs and you can work on any of the jobs posted, choice is yours

We have great tools available to you to broadcast the jobs in your social network. You can send job details to your social network with ease

How to become a Referrer?

Becoming a Referrer is FREE and easy. Simply click on the "Become a Referrer" link, you can become a Referrer instantly.

When will I get paid?

Referral Rewards will be given after the candidate joins. From your login you can see the status of each applicant and the Reward Transactions

Please click here for Tutorial Document