Full Life cycle Product Development

XLANZ works with its customers to implementing and adding value to their ideas .We offer a range of services for fast development of an electronics solution, from the prototyping to production.
Presales to Delivery

Each project is assigned a Techno Manager who will be responsible from understanding the initial idea of customer to detailed requirements, design and delivery.
Chipset Selection, Board Selection and Development

We help our clients to select the right chipset, SoC for their device that best suits their needs and requirements. It can be either new product, developed using the electronic components from the world's industry leaders, or an existing hardware solution. With the help of our hardware engineers, you will be able to design a modern mobile device of any kind.
OS Selection and Porting

If a device uses an operating system, XLANZ specialists will adapt it for a new hardware platform.
Firmware and Software Development

Firmware and OS engineers will be able to port drivers, BSP and algorithms on to target DSP, SoC , ARM or x86 based processors or to a uCs
Middleware and Other components

Based on the requirements, XLANZ brings in Multimedia, Wireless and Wireline and other middleware engineers can develop solutions. Employing open standards is key for scalability and getting products right on time to the market and taking care of future scalability.
Application Design and Development

User Interface Design taking care Usability and enabling end customers appeal are key to all products sales. XLANS has its application engineers working on various GUI Platforms be it on latest platforms like Android to MAC to S60 or any Linux based UI platforms .